How to Check Sent Text Messages on Phone

24 Febrero 2017

. I just want to know if the officer had the right to look through my phone? The messages may seem like he is selling or growing or smoking weed just because a text message says that doesnt mean you can get in trouble for it right? Be very careful about what you write, post or send to friends including photos that may constitute ting.

In a case of domestic violence, national statistics support thorough questioning of anyone involved or having information in order to keep the alleged victim safe. Knowing your childs current location has become easier, thanks to Google maps. The exact facts of the transaction must be studied to see if police policy is followed, etc. is this legal? the problem and what i am immensely scared about is if they try to bring those up in court, because i was only arrested and it says on the ticket misdemeanor for possession of more than an oz 28. Then tried to call her phone. If the police have probable cause to believe that you have committed a crime, they can stop and question you, and depending on the circumstances, search you.

In this case, the person charged with the rape may have the messages saved, and can turn them over to his lawyer to be used in his defense. fair enough. What the police can search and seize during an ongoing investigation varies based on the laws of that state as well as the specific facts and circumstances.


My Mobile claims their products are in use by the F. Its best app to spy on SMS and Text Messages. The general answer to your question is yes, a trash can outside can be searched as well as a car in the vicinity of your house depending on the particulars of the investigation. info is an educational site for & about teens and the laws that affect them. We at AsktheJudge are not defending anyone.


, and Im just wondering, could they possibly charge me with anything or look through previous texts to see if we did anything in the sort of ting, harassment, or threats? The court may appoint a public defender to represent you depending on your financial situation. info does not provide legal advice to adults or teenagers.


Dear Dylan: The terms are standard but special terms may be added and approved by the court. All this situation make me think much and why he is doing like this, it make me think he check me all of the time. Dear Brit:

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You can try contacting the police department directly and ask about their policies and procedures and when you can expect to get your phone back. Dear Mary: Its going to depend on your states laws as well as the specific facts and circumstances that lead to the search of his cell phone. iOS users enjoy free messaging over 3G or WiFi using this app.

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