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24 Febrero 2017

While discussing this with Hanna and Emily, they discover that the diary pages that Aria hid had gone missing. Mike asks Aria for a ride to the dance since his friend Gavin invited him to help DJ.  Aria and Mona are saved by Emily who falls and injures her shoulder. Alisons clothes were laying all over the place, and a window had been smashed. Alison says she doesnt think it was a coincidence that she couldnt reach any of the liars tonight, and Aria tells her it sounds like an ambush. Spencer insists they overlooked a clue in Alis bag. Spencer points out that Garrett was arrested a full hour earlier, so he could not have been Mayas killer, nor could it have been Noel and Jenna because they were inside. Aria tries to tell her that Ezra was mugged, but Mona innocently tells her that he was shot, but now he is back.

Underneath, it asks "Whats the How Can I Spy My Husbands or Boyfriends Smartphone%2c SMS and Cell Phone Calls Log magic word? Aria reads the message aloud, Merry Christmas, Bitches. When she turns around, we see that it is Cece Drake.

Ella shows her the letter "A" had sent to Byron and asks Aria if she knows who sent it. Thanks for sharing! ? thanks for any help and we need it! , Hanna tells her because no one will believe that they didnt know Alison was alive. It requires a big lie and apparently she is terrible at that.


Ezra says that he doesnt want to drag her into it, but Aria insists that she isnt leaving. While enjoying breakfast with her parents at a caf discussing the book she is reading for school, "To Kill a Mockingbird. Jenna enters the scene and offers to compose flute music for the play, letting Mr. Aria and Spencer sit alone in Spencers kitchen, and Spencer asks Aria to sleep over, as they both need the company, but Aria already made plans with Holden.


Jake comes over Arias house and they watch an old movie. Twelve hours earlier, Aria and the other Liars ring Dr.


Aria tells her that somebody did, and that she really needs to find another college to apply to before Ezra finds out how she got into Talmadge. Jake takes notice of this but continues to dance. i wonder if i could use these on youtube they are too exxagerated and on some parts very true raywilliamjohnson on January 30, at 12:12 Shes so much more prettier than boring ass Jennifer Anniston.

She tells him it was a thank you note and she appreciates what he did for her brother. " Your a goob. She thought it was A and panicked and ran away. Okay. with a text from the new A reading "Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts Game On bitches. Quickly grabbing the cell from the coffee table, Andrew asks Aria whether her phone is a vector or scalar.

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Sullivans life. The teacher tells Rhonda that it is one thing to not participate, its another to disrupt, and when Rhonda tells the nurse that Aria stole her drawing, the teacher tells Rhonda that this is Arias first class with them.

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Sitting down at an outdoor table with coffees, Aria and the girls listen as Tanner tells that that if theyre concerned about the suspect who was released prematurely and she wants to assure them that they will catch him. (plz. Aria later joins the girls in Emilys hospital room with coffee in hand, and everyone looks on awkwardly as Aria offers the cup of Joe to her friend with a hole in her stomach, which Hanna cant seem to get over.

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